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List Description
accessibility Accessibility and PDF standards and TeX.
biblio Bib(La)TeX and bibliography discussion.
board TUG Board of Directors
devfund TeX development fund questions and submissions.
dviout dviout Windows previewer discussion.
dvipdfmx dvipdfmx discussion.
edutex Educational TeX-based projects.
font-licensing Font licensing discussion, notably of the GFL.
fontinst fontinst package discussion.
gentium Gentium for TeX discussion.
gentium-commits Gentium repository commits.
ho-tex Heiko Oberdiek packages discussion.
kadingira TeX language support discussion.
latex2html LaTeX-to-HTML conversion via latex2html
latex3-commits Commits to the LaTeX 3 source repository.
latexrefman Unofficial LaTeX reference manual.
latexrefman-commits Unofficial LaTeX reference manual repository commits.
lualatex-dev LuaLaTeX development.
luatex LuaTeX discussion.
lucida Lucida for TeX discussion.
mactex-support for questions related to MacTeX.
math-font-discuss Math font discussion.
metapost MetaPost discussion.
omega Omega, Aleph, etc. discussion.
pdftex PDFTeX discussion.
pdftex-commits Commits to pdftex source repository.
persiantex Persian TeX discussion.
pgf-tikz PGF/TikZ discussion.
pracjourn-announce PracTeX Journal announcements.
pracjourn-forum PracTeX Journal readers forum.
PSTricks Graphics with PSTricks
summer-of-code Google Summer of Code discussions for TUG.
tex-announce Newsletters and major system announcements (only).
tex-eplain Expanding on plain TeX.
tex-eplain-commits Commits to Eplain source repository.
tex-hyphen About TeX hyphenation patterns.
tex-k Kpathsea, Web2c, Dvipsk, Xdvik, etc.
tex-live TeX Live development and testing.
tex-live-commits Commits to TeX Live source repository.
tex-meetings Announcements of TeX meetings worldwide.
TeX-Music Werner Icking Music Archive
tex4ht TeX4ht discussion, development, bug reports, anything.
tex4ht-commits TeX4ht repository commits.
texdoc texdoc (TL documentation finder program) discussion.
texdoc-commits texdoc commits.
texdvd TeX software DVD volunteer discussion and requests.
texhax General TeX discussion and questions.
texshop TeXShop discussion.
texworks TeXworks (TeX front end) discussion.
tlbuild TeX Live - building its binaries.
tldistro TeX Live - downstream integration.
tldoc TeX Live - documentation.
tlu TeX Live Utility for MacOSX.
tug-bylaws TUG Bylaws Committee
tug-consult Consultants doing TeX-related work.
tug-election TUG Election Committee
tug-pub TUG publications committee.
tugindia TUGIndia Mailing List
twg-dvi TeXnical working group on DVI standards.
twg-tds TeXnical working group on directory structure.
ukdvd UK DVD orders.
XeTeX XeTeX (Unicode-based TeX) discussion.
xy-pic Xy-pic (graphics package) discussion.
yandytex Y&Y (Windows TeX system) discussion.

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